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Something broken on your vehicle? Cant afford to have it fixed by a shop, let alone a dealership? In the Russellville area? Well, then, Im your answer. I hold a college degree in automotive repair and can fix just about anything. The catch is Im only available on Sundays, but the plus is I can come to your house to make the repairs. My fee depends on the job, but you dont pay for my work until its done. The only thing I ask is that you pay for any and all parts up front. Sound fair? No repair is too big or too small. I can fix electrical problems as well as rebuild engines or transmissions. However, larger jobs such as engines or transmissions will require me taking the item home to repair it. As far as garauntees go, I do not work for a company, so I cannot offer any sort of warranty. However, as previously stated, you do not pay for my services until the repair is complete. Ill even let you watch/help if you want. Try that at a dealership. Brakes, suspensions, engines, transmissions, electrical, cooling, etc. I can do most anything. Feel free to call me 479-264-xxxx.Listing originally posted at http